Turning your personal lyric, or words... into art.

Everybody, has a 'special' song. That one song that brings a smile to the face, or a tear to the eye… and most couples have a song or set of particular lines within a song that is special or poignant to their relationship…. a lyric from their first wedding dance, or just that one line from a song, that sums up how much they love or appreciate one another.

Maybe its just a party anthem that brings back great memories of nights out with friends?... We all have 'a song', quote or phrase that means something to us.


Looking for a unique wedding gift?

Wedding First Dance Canvases

Why not have a key line or verse from that first dance wedding song, immortalised into a stunning piece of wall art for the happy couple as a visual reminder of their special day. (You can purchase a gift voucher for the couple to redeem on return from their honeymoon.)

If you're getting married - just add a 'YourSongInArt.com' Wedding First Dance Canvas to your wedding list! 

Your Song in Art canvases make fantastic, unique and very personal gifts for:

All canvases are custom designed to your requirements. You can even advise us of a preferred colour scheme to match a room if you want to... or just leave it up to our professional designer. All printing is high resolution and UV sealed, and canvases are stretched on the best quality frames, 38mm deep, with taped seams and quality fittings... ready to hang.

Each canvas is guaranteed a one-of-a-kind commission to your requirements.
We are not a commercial reseller. We don't sell your design on or make duplicate copies... So you can be sure you are receiving a true original!


A perfect personal gift for any occasion...

But don't take our word for it... see what others have said here...




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